• Bronner's CHRISTmas Wonderland
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    Frankenmuth, Michigan: Must see places during your weekend getaway

    Frankenmuth, Michigan: Must see places during your weekend getaway Christmas is a year round affair in the small quaint town of Frankenmuth, Michigan. Known as “Little Bavaria,” Frankenmuth is the number one tourist destination in Michigan. Of course one of the most well-known attractions in this town is Bronner’s CHRISTmas Wonderland. Bronner’s is the world’s largest Christmas store, and let me tell you….it’s definitely HUGE! We were there for several hours and I still don’t think we saw everything! It’s so much more though… Bronner’s is definitely the #1 must see in Frankenmuth, but this little town is so much more though! We just took a weekend trip from here…

  • Pizza Chicken
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    Incredibly Easy Pizza Chicken

    Incredibly Easy Pizza Chicken Tastes like pepperoni pizza but is really grilled chicken! Get your kids to eat more chicken by disguising it under delicious pizza toppings! With different toppings, the possibilities are endless! And the best part? It’s ready in just 30 minutes! Have you ever struggled to get your child to eat more protein? My son has had a love-hate relationship with chicken since he was younger. These days, the only way he will eat chicken is if it’s battered, deep fried, in nugget form. But those chicken options are far from healthy. But there’s a healthier way to get them to eat chicken! Enter pizza chicken! This…

  • mini Fiesta breakfast frittas
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    Easy Mini Fiesta Breakfast Frittas

    Easy Low Carb Mini Fiesta Breakfast Frittas Are you a busy mom looking for new quick and easy breakfast meals? Tired of boring eggs and toast breakfast? Or are you looking for new low carb/keto friendly meals that are packed with protein and light on carbs? Well this has all of that in one simple, quick, delicious meal. This meal is packed with flavor and super easy to make. As a mom, sometimes its hard to come up with new meal options that the family will love and won’t have me spending forever in the kitchen. That’s why it falls into my “30 minute meals” collection! With just a few…

  • Bow Box Subscription

    Bow Box Monthly Subscription Review

    Bow Box Monthly Subscription Review So as a mom, I want the same thing every other mom out there wants….her children to have all the cute things possible but without breaking the bank. So, when it comes to buying little extras I want to make sure my money is well spent. I’ve always been a subscription box addict…makeup, clothes, shoes, etc. (Yes, I will be doing a post soon on my fave subscription boxes for us mommies/women!)  There is just something super fun about getting mail every month, knowing that what’s inside is a total surprise! So when I found out that there was really a monthly box completely devoted…

  • Depression
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    You are not alone…Depression affects us all

    You are not alone…Depression affects us all Have you ever felt depressed? Felt like the enjoyment and happiness of your daily life is non-existent. Or you feel too exhausted to do the things you normally love? I’ve been there. There are so many causes…. Having a new baby and struggling with postpartum depression. Being a mom and wife, and stretched so thin that she doesn’t have time for herself Going through a divorce or breakup Staying in a strained, unhealthy, or abusive relationship Dealing with a sick family member or the death of a loved one Job issues or a stressful career the list goes on and on.. Whatever your…

  • Cinnamon Apple Chips
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    Homemade Cinnamon Apple Chips

    Homemade Cinnamon Apple Chips For years I have loved to buy cinnamon apple chips in the store. They were sweet, crunchy, and best of all….a lot healthier than regular potato chips! I used to buy them in bulk and then one day, they just disappeared. None of the grocery stores around me had them anymore. Of course I could have bought them online and paid almost $18 a bag, but that was not going to happen. I figured there had to be a way to make these delicious snacks at home. I admit that I had to play around with baking times and temperatures for awhile before I found the…

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    How To Conquer Virtual Learning During Quarantine with Your ADHD Child

    How To Conquer Virtual Learning During Quarantine with your ADHD Child Having a child with a learning disability is hard on the average day. Now throw quarantine, lockdown, and virtual schooling into the mix and you have the makings for World War III. Being confined to your home, can have a serious effect on a child’s mental health, especially those that need and thrive off of structure and routine, like an ADHD child does. When my son was seven years old, I noticed that he couldn’t sit still for more than a few seconds. He spent time fidgeting, wiggling, and bouncing from activity to activity. Like many parents, I chalked…