• Dealing with Depression and Hardship during the Holidays
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    Holidays are HARD for those feeling loss or hardship

    Almost a year exactly before my mom passed away, she had a bad fall leaving her with a head injury and a broken femur. We almost lost her then but miraculously she pulled through. I am so thankful because it gave her more time with us. When she got out of physical rehab she came to stay with me. She believed that I was helping her, but neither one of us realized at the time that she was helping me by giving me more memories to hold on to now that she’s gone. One night she and I were sitting in my living room in front of the Christmas tree…

  • Depression
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    You are not alone…Depression affects us all

    You are not alone…Depression affects us all Have you ever felt depressed? Felt like the enjoyment and happiness of your daily life is non-existent. Or you feel too exhausted to do the things you normally love? I’ve been there. There are so many causes…. Having a new baby and struggling with postpartum depression. Being a mom and wife, and stretched so thin that she doesn’t have time for herself Going through a divorce or breakup Staying in a strained, unhealthy, or abusive relationship Dealing with a sick family member or the death of a loved one Job issues or a stressful career the list goes on and on.. Whatever your…