Rustic Merry Christmas Sign
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DIY Rustic “MERRY” Wall Hanging

DIY Rustic "Merry" Wall Hanging

Are you a fan of the Rustic/Woodland Christmas themed decor? Do you love DIY decor projects that look high end but are a bargain to make?

This rustic “Merry” Christmas wall decor was super simple to make and cost under $15 to make. And with my tips below, you could even make it for much less! So if you are looking for a fun, simple, low cost project…read on for how I made this adorable sign.

Gather your supplies.

  • Blank wooden sign – I got mine from Hobby Lobby in their wooden craft section. It was a framed sign with some distressing on it. It was originally $19.99 but with their awesome 50% off sale (and they have these sales super often), I was able to snag it for only $10. Here’s the best part: This project can be made using a sign from the Dollar Tree that you can paint the back of. Check out my other Dollar Tree DIY Christmas Tree Farm Sign where i use signs from Dollar Tree as a base! That’s the greatest part of my DIYs many of them can be constructed using products from the Dollar Tree and Dollar General!
  • Buffalo Check Wrapping Paper – I got this adorable red and black buffalo check wrapping paper in Target’s dollar spot. But you can find this type of wrapping paper almost everywhere including Dollar Tree. If you can’t find wrapping paper, you could also use scrapbook paper. Hobby Lobby has tons and currently they have multiple buffalo check ones.
  • Wooden Letters – I got these from Target’s Dollar Spot too for a dollar each! They didn’t have a “Y” though, which actually ended up working out when making this DIY! You could also use wooden letters from any craft store.
  • Deer Christmas Ornament – This cute deer that i used for the “Y” came from the Dollar Tree this year. It was part of a cute ornament that had an wreath made of antlers around it. I simply detached the deer from the wreath and viola it was the perfect sized “Y” for my sign.
  • Evergreen Garland – You could really use any type of evergreen that you have on hand or can find in the store. From garland to pieces of picks you buy at the craft store. I used a couple of the evergreen wire ties that Dollar Tree has out for Christmas. Think long pieces of Christmas tree branches. (If you can find them, I suggest grabbing several packages! I use them in a TON of my DIYs)
  • Jute twine or ribbon – I got my jute twine from the Dollar Tree as well, and it makes perfect additions to so many projects
  • Mod Podge
  • Hot Glue
  • E6000 glue
  • White and Brown acrylic paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Sandpaper

Let’s get crafting!

I first started this easy DIY by measuring the inside surface of the sign. This will be where I place the wrapping paper for the background of the sign. I then traced it out on the back of the wrapping paper and cut it out. It’s important to get the paper cut pretty closely to the surface size that you want to put it on. That way it lays down smoother.

DIY Rustic Merry Sign

Once you have the paper cut to the correct size. I spread an even coat of Mod Podge down on the surface of my sign. Using a sponge brush is much easier when working with Mod Podge. It also allows for a more even coat.

After the surface was coated with Mod Podge, I placed the wrapping paper on the surface. Make sure to rub as many of the bubble out as possible. Start from the middle working your way to the outer edges. Once the paper was down smooth, I applied another coat of Mod Podge on top. Set aside and let dry.

After I let the sign completely dry, I took some sandpaper and distressed the whole surface. You want that weathered look. So its perfect if it takes up some of the paper in spots.

Now that the background is done. Let’s get to the fun part!

I took these adorable letters that I found at Target in their Dollar Spot section and arranged them how I wanted them. You really use any saying you wanted for this sign. I just went with “MERRY” because that’s what I had.

These letters came with little string hangers on them, but I removed them. Don’t worry about the holes from them, I will cover them up later. I also removed the wreath part of the deer ornament and cut off it’s hanger.

Using a hot glue gun, I applied a generous amount of glue to the back of each letter and glued it down. Doing the same thing for the deer. Since the deer ornament is more 3 dimensional, I had to apply glue to the tips of his antlers and his neck base. Note: Originally I only used hot glue on the deer, but I felt like it might be more secure with a little E6000 glue as well (the letters stuck fine with just the hot glue).

Once I had the letters and the deer glued down, it was time to decorate the sign and give it some character. This part you could do however you want to make it your own.

I chose to take a few pieces of the Dollar Tree evergreen ties and cut them into smaller pieces using my wire cutters (scissors work fine too). I took a few for each letter and hot glued them on top. Remember those holes from the hangers? I glued these pieces right over them and you’d never know they were there.

I also decided to add a small bow made of jute twine to each letter. You could add ribbon or berries, really anything you like. I just happened to like the look of the evergreen and twine for this. I felt that it stuck with the rustic theme.

Finally, the last part is totally optional. I wanted to give this sign the look of something you would find in an old mountain cabin above a fireplace. So to do this, I wanted to distress the wooden border a bit more. I took the sandpaper and slightly wore out the wood frame, followed by taking some brown acrylic paint on a dry brush. Tip: When giving a project a distressed/worn look, the dry brush technique works great. You simply take a dry brush (duh) and dip it in paint. Before applying it to your project you brush the majority of it off on a dry paper towel. Then apply it to the project.

If you would like to see the video on how I made this sign…head over to my YouTube channel for this and lots more DIY videos! Also check out my other projects in the Craft & DIY section of my blog.

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Easy DIY Rustic Merry Sign Simply Sweetly Blessed


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