Dollar Tree Christmas Evergreen Swag
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Dollar Tree DIY Christmas Evergreen Swag

Who doesn’t love those expensive, pretty evergreen swags you find in home decor stores like Pier1 or Home Goods? They look great hanging on your fireplace or mirror or as a centerpiece on a table.

That’s why I love this DIY project so much.

But what if I told you that you could make one for under $10?!

Using all products from the Dollar Tree, you can make this pretty evergreen swag for well under $10! They can be used in various ways in multiple places in your home, so for the cost of one at Home Goods, you could make a few and decorate them to fit your holiday decor exactly.

I have become obsessed with creating super cute DIYs using products from the Dollar Tree, Dollar General, and Target Dollar Spot items! So if you love products that look expensive but have a small price tag, then check out my other DIY projects!

Let’s get crafty!


  • 2 Dollar Tree Christmas trees
  • 2 Dollar Tree evergreen ties
  • Hot Glue
  • Small pinecones from Dollar Tree
  • Mini Christmas ornaments from Dollar Tree
  • Holiday picks from Dollar Tree
  • assorted Dollar Tree ribbon (the cardinal ribbon I used was from Walmart that I had on hand, but you can use all Dollar Tree ribbon)
  • any other items you would like to add


The first thing I did for this project was take 2 Dollar Tree Christmas trees and remove the stand holders from the bottom. They come off pretty easily by hand so you don’t need any tools to do this.

Take the trees and place them end to end overlapping the stems so that you can attach them together. Because of the stems, there will be a bare spot in the middle where branches won’t cover. That’s fine. That area will be covered with a large bow later.

Take each of the evergreen ties and wrap them tightly around the stems where they overlap. Make sure to wrap it around several times and then twist the ends tightly so that they are securely attached together. Do this twice using both evergreen ties.

Once they are attached together, begin fluffing out the branches. Unlike fluffing the branches of a Christmas tree, you want to leave one side of the tree flat and bring all the branches to the front side. (see picture above). This allows the swag to lay flat against the wall, table, etc.

Add a bow!

I made a simple loop bow using several different ribbons. If you are unsure of how to make one of these bows, you can check out my YouTube video on making this bow. (I apologize for how many times I use the word “um” in my video, it was my first YouTube video).

Once my bow as made, I simply attached it to the center of the swag using the pipe cleaner that I made the bow with.

After you have attached the bow, you can begin to decorate the swag however you would like. That’s the best part of DIYs, there is no set way to do them, you can make them your own!

I added some small pinecones and mini Christmas ornaments that I got at the Dollar Tree. I also took some poinsettia flowers that I removed from a Dollar Tree pick and hot glued them into the swag. You could add more flowers, ribbon, snowflakes, etc. Whatever goes with your holiday decor.

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Dollar Tree DIY Christmas Evergreen Swag


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