Dollar Tree DIY Vintage Sheet Music Ornament
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Dollar Tree DIY Sheet Music Ornament

Dollar Tree DIY Vintage Sheet Music Ornament

I’m simply loving using old sheet music for Christmas decor this year. It’s classic and vintage looking and a great way to incorporate some of your favorite Christmas carols in your holiday decor.

This classic looking vintage sheet music ornament is perfect for your Christmas tree! And using items from the Dollar Tree you can make it for under $3!

Let’s get crafty!


  • a medium sized gift tag shaped ornament from the Dollar Tree
  • vintage Christmas carol sheet music. Here is the one I used for this DIY
  • Black and brown acrylic paint
  • sandpaper
  • Mod Podge
  • a foam brush
  • twine or ribbon
  • one evergreen tie from Dollar Tree (if you don’t know what these are, you can find them in the Christmas section of Dollar Tree. They come in a package of, I believe, 15. They are basically like individual Christmas tree branches. See pic below for what they look like)
  • red or green mini jingle bells (again you can find these in the Christmas section of the Dollar Tree)


The first thing I did for this project is to take one of these Dollar Tree Christmas tag ornaments and remove the hanger from the top. Do not worry about the design on the front, that will become the back of the ornament. So since we are using the back of this ornament as our good side, I carefully removed the sticker from the back. If it doesn’t come off completely, you can just sand it smooth with some sandpaper.

I also printed out the sheet music that I wanted to use for my ornament. I chose ‘Oh Holy Night’ because it’s always been one of my favorites. But you can surely use any song you would like. Here is the link to the printable sheet music that I used. She has lots of different ones to choose from.

One thing I do want to stress is that you need to adjust the size of the sheet music to fit the project that you are making. When you download and print these music sheets, they will default and print the size of a regular piece of paper. But when you go to print, just select the size you need in your print settings. I used 4×6 for this project.

Prepare the background.

I painted the tag with black acrylic paint and let it dry. While it was drying, I cut out my sheet music and made sure it was a good size fit for my ornament.

I added a coat of Mod Podge to the tag and placed the sheet music on top. Make sure to smooth out your sheet music from the center out to the edges. You want to make sure to get all the bubbles out.

After I made sure the music was smoothed down completely, I added another coat of Mod Podge on top and let it dry completely. If you are in a rush, you can use a hairdryer or a heat tool to speed up the drying process. Here’s the heat tool that I use with all my DIY projects and it’s a total time saver and I recommend it for anyone who loves crafting!

Once I made sure the Mod Podge was completely dry, I took a piece of sandpaper and sanded down the edges of the paper to take any excess overhang off. Then I went back and sanded around the edges and in spots on top of the sheet music (see picture below). It gives the sheet music a ripped look.

Here’s the cool part! I simply took a very small amount of brown and black acrylic paint and mixed them together. Then I added some water to the paint until it was the consistency of brown water. This is going to act as a stain. I added it to all the areas that I sanded and it instantly gave the sheet music an aged stained look. I just love how it looks!

Make it your own!

This next part, as always in my crafts, I encourage you to make the ornament your own. You can embellish it how ever you want. You can add greenery and jingle bells like I am. Or you can add ribbon and pinecones, mini ornaments, buttons, etc. The possibilities are endless.

I simply took an evergreen tie from the Dollar Tree and cut it into small sections. Using some hot glue, I attached a few pieces to the top of the tag. I also added a few tiny jingle bells that also came from the Dollar Tree. I decided after the fact to add a simple jute twine bow to the top to just give it something extra. But you definitely don’t have to add it.

The only thing left to do is to add a hanger for my ornament. I used a piece of that same jute twine as I used for the bow, but you could also use ribbon or wire.

And that’s it! Now you have a pretty vintage looking ornament for your tree!

One thing I love about my DIY projects is the fact that I often use products from the Dollar Tree to make high end looking items for almost nothing! If you want to see more of my Dollar Tree or bargain DIYs then click here to see my other projects!

Dollar Tree DIY Sheet Music Ornament

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