paper towel roll snowflake ornament
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Simple Paper Towel Roll Snowflake Ornament

Easy Paper Towel Roll Snowflake Ornament

Homemade DIY Christmas ornaments are becoming more and more popular this year. Maybe it’s because the pandemic is keeping more people home leaving them looking for projects or crafts to pass the time.

I’ve always loved DIYs and these super simple, super pretty snowflake ornaments are a great project for adults and kids alike. The best part? They are made from recycling empty paper towel rolls. So they cost almost nothing to make.

Truth be told, you can use toilet paper rolls as well, but I’m a slight germaphobe and so anything that comes from the bathroom is off limits for crafting. But if you are ok with it, then by all means use what you have! I’ve also made some of these ornaments using empty wrapping paper rolls too.

So if you are looking for a cute, pretty, sparkly DIY ornament project then read on for how I made it.

Let’s get crafty!


  • 2 Paper Towel rolls (you can use toilet paper rolls or wrapping paper tubes)
  • White acrylic paint
  • a foam brush
  • Mod Podge
  • Silver glitter
  • Hot glue
  • embellishments (I just used a simple silver sparkly bead, but you can use whatever you have on hand)
  • ribbon
  • twine


I started by taking the paper towel roll and painting it with the white acrylic paint. You could use another color besides white, but I was going for a standard looking snowflake.

Once the paint is dry, flatten the tube like in the picture. Don’t worry about the inside not being painted yet, we will take care of that later.

Next, i cut small slices of the tube. I made them about a 1/2 inch each. You should be left with several oval shape rings. (see picture) I used 16 rings for this snowflake, but if you want to make a bigger one or a more elaborate one then cut as many rings as you want.

Now you can take the white paint and quickly paint inside each ring. Don’t stress too much about getting the paint perfect on the inside. You won’t see much of it anyways.

Now let’s make some snowflakes!

After the paint has dried, take one of the rings and place a small amount of hot glue on one side toward the pointed end. Take a second ring and attach at the same point. Continue attaching rings in this way until you have a star/flower shaped design.

With the remaining rings, fold them in half to make a “V” shape. Place a small amount of hot glue between two of the “flower petal” rings on the snowflake and attach the “V” shaped ring. Continue doing this until you have went all the way around the snowflake.

Now you have a snowflake. Time to add your own twist.

Now you have you snowflake made. You could definitely add more rings in different areas to make a variety of snowflake designs for your tree. The possibilities are endless!

I added some Mod Podge to the top surface of the snowflake and sprinkled silver glitter all over. This gives the snowflake a real sparkly look and it looks amazing when the lights on your Christmas tree hits the glitter.

Paper towel roll snowflake

Now here is the optional part. I attached a silver bead to the center, but you can use really anything you want. Other ideas could be a jingle bell, holly berries, rhinestones, buttons, etc. Whatever your style is, go for it!

I also added some red sparkly ribbon tied in a simple bow to the top of the snowflake. Again, totally optional. Finally, add a hanger for your ornament. I used some jute twine that I got from the Dollar Tree but you could also use ribbon or wire.

And that’s it! Incredibly simple and cute. This ornament looks like you bought it in the store and no one would know it was made from an old paper towel roll.

paper towel roll snowflake ornament

If you like this DIY, I would love for you to share or pin it so others can see too! And if you want to see more of my crafts & DIYs, most of them are totally budget friendly, then I’d love for you to subscribe!

paper towel roll snowflake ornament


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